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Base Studio is the first Mainland company designed to develop, execute, and launch spectacle drivencontent for Mainland and Global audiences on large and small screens, creating character franchises that can be leveraged across media, merchandise, and licensing, utilizing our production experience and talent to deliver excitement and engagement.

Base Studio’s primary mission is to develop content, talent and technology as a Mainland owned company with international management delivering creative, cost-effective products and solutions to our partners and clients as the Studio takes a leading role in the market development of industrialized consumer content for the Mainland market.


Christopher Bremble
Founder & CEO
lan K. Sugarman
Interim CFO
Neil Xie
Vice President


Base FX was founded in 2005 with eight employees. Initially focused on the US TV market, key projects included Grey Gardens and The Pacific for HBO, which led to a relationship with ILM and the films Pacific Rim, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Transformers: The Age of Extinction, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The company has built strong director relationships, working with Lu Chuan, Ning Hao, Chen Kaige, Raman Hui, and Zhang Yimou. Key China projects include Empire of Silver, The Great Wall, The Wandering Earth (in production) and Monster Hunt 1 & 2. Base now has 550 staff, located in Beijing, Xiamen, and Wuxi and Kuala Lumpur.

VFX Leadership

Tang Bing Bing
Chief Creative Officer
Harry Lam
VFX Supervisor
Jd John
Compositing Supervisor
Ting Lo
VFX Creative Director

Art Department

Base Art Department was established in 2014, it has a group of the world’s top artists with rich experience in movie concept design.

Base Art Department is a visual development team committed to producing inspirational and informative artwork with concept art and storyboards, also aims at building up the visual logic for the entertainment industry. Base Art Department collaborates with clients to establish the creative direction and visual language for their intellectual property.

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Previsualization team was founded in 2014. We are the earliest and now the biggest team in China to provide previs service. Our team provide 360°support going from previs, on site support to postvis.

Under guidance of our supervisor Gavin Boyle, who has more than 20 years experience at ILM and other world-renowned visual effects studios, we have worked for top Chinese filmmakers like Ning Hao and Raman Hui, on a series of films such as Monster Hunt, Detective Chinatown 2.

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BASE Animation

Animation is the fastest growing segment of the Chinese film industry, and the only segment that showed revenue growth in 2016. The industry in China is focused on a more mature, 18-35 audience.

We believe there’s a unique opportunity for disruption in the feature animation space, and Base is uniquely positioned to secure a leading role as China’s leading animation company. With its strong creative and technical abilities – is positioned to lead global growth for Chinese animation.

Olivier Staphylas
Head of Studio Animation
Michelle Staphylas
Head of Production

BASE Picture

Films with stories and characters that are larger than life. We believe that visual effects can mitigate the needs for expensive cast, and more reliably draw audiences to the theater.

Base will use its Art Department and Previs team to mitigate the risk of young directors, creating a team approach to filmmaking.

Our film projects will have a global point of view; they will be films that can play outside China based on production value and scope of the story.

Nancy Wu
Head of Development