The future of FX is coming!
The leadership of Base FX and Base Academy welcomed over 50 prospective students to our first Open House event on Saturday, August 12th. This intimate event covered many different topics, ranging from understanding the role of VFX in China’s movie industry to learning more about the behind the scenes process of on-set production. Did you miss out on this event? Do not worry—you will have opportunities to attend future Open House events. Be sure to subscribe to our WeChat channel to keep up with Academy updates!

Here are some highlights:

Industry Insights from Neil Xie, Vice President of Base FX
-The future of global entertainment has been and will continue to be more special effects-driven. Not only do audiences seek out more visually stunning cinema experiences, the technology behind special effects continues to become more sophisticated, blurring the lines between imagination and reality.

-VFX has come a long way in China, and the path ahead is even more exciting. VFX has helped elevate film and visual storytelling in tremendous ways, and Base has helped pave a path for international excellence for FX artists in China. The future of this industry

Basers Show Us Their World
-Students toured the company in small groups to interact with Base FX’s talented artists. During their company tour, students learned about the role of various departments to better understand how key assets are created. They received an introduction to the process and practices that help bring out the details in a single shot. After touring the departments of Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Digital Paint and Roto, and Composite, and Animation, students learned about how the different parts in the VFX pipeline are intricately pieced together to create the incredible sequences that we see on the big screen.

Lesson from FX Master Kai Lun
-Yoda-On-set production process on the Great Wall. A truly insightful talk about the behind-the-scenes work that detailed the many challenges and exciting work that happens on a large production helmed by Zhang Yimou.

Chat with the CEO
-Open House guests had the unique privilege to hear a twenty minute chat with Base CEO and Founder Chris Bremble, who had a motivating message for our guests. Chris emphasized the need for a new generation of talent and how Base is committed to producing talents who will be ready to produce at the highest levels. Base Academy is the product of ten years of preparation, and Base is now ready to train artists with all the practices and experiences it has accumulated through projects through its strategic partnership with Industrial Light and Magic. Chris stated that the Chinese movie industry is just beginning

—the future is coming, and it will be the role for leading companies like Base to not only raise the standard of work in China, but to nurture future leaders who will help advance the entire industry to new heights.

Visiting the Campus
-Guests experienced a taste of campus life at Base Academy in Dachang Movie Town. After seeing our campus from a teaser video, they were able to see everything in-person—our state of the art classrooms, incredible facilities, large dormitories, and recreational spaces were all highlighted on the tour led by representatives from CFLD.

-An intimate Q&A Session with Base Academy leadership. Students were invited to ask questions and speak their mind with the leaders of the Academy. This period was a key time for feedback that helped us learn about what guests want to hear more of in the future.

Base Academy will be back with more Open House events that will be bigger and better very soon! Keep your eye open for updates from us. We can’t wait to welcome you back to personally experience everything that we have to offer!