Shenzhen – Base Media’s original sci-fi project, ESCAPE, was named one of “2018’s Ten Most Anticipated Fantasy IPs” at the inaugural Fantasy and TV Convention (FFTC).

ESCAPE is a sci-fi action thriller set after a global energy crisis that poses a threat to the human species. While traveling to a new colony planet, an estranged husband-and-wife couple must defend themselves and save the spaceship. The story explores fundamental human dilemmas against a grand backdrop.

“Chinese sci-fi films set in space are still underdeveloped due to the genre’s high demand for both world-class technology and innovative storytelling. Building on Base FX’s expertise, Base Media is set to be a premiere platform for creating China’s own sci-fi IPs,” noted Head of Development Nancy Wu as she received the award on behalf of the team.

Spectacle-driven films, including fantasy, sci-fi and animations have become the mainstream in the market. According to EntGroup data, out of the top-grossing 20 movies in China,14 out of 20 have significant VFX content. However, there has not been a successful Chinese sci-fi movie set in space.

Concept art – Oasis the spaceship

ESCAPE has been gestating at Base Media for a long time. The Story development team worked with the visual development team to build the world, design key props and interstellar costumes, and create the look of key set pieces.

Base Media is currently in discussion with director and cast candidates. ESCAPE is the first project in the sci-fi slate being developed by the visual-effects-giant-turned production company.

China Film Group President Gives Award

The 1st Fantasy and TV Convention commenced on May 10 in Shenzhen as part of the 14th China International Cultural Industries Fair. It is Asia’s first expo that focuses on entertainment content that blends the boundary between reality and imagination. Independent research company EntGroup provided data support to the selection process.


About Base Media

Base Media is the development arm for the award-winning visual effects company Base FX founded by Chris Bremble. The company is committed to create original IP content that revolutionizes the local market, with a growing slate of visually stunning and entertaining action, sci-fi, and animated films. The first film in the initiative is the animated feature WISH DRAGON, a co-production with Sony Animation and Sparkle Roll, produced by Chris Bremble, Jackie Chan and Aaron Warner, scheduled to be released in summer 2019.

About FFTC

The FFTC is the first international expo in Asia focusing on “fantasy” content and technology, covering genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, and animation. Organized by China Film Group and Little Creative Co, it strives to be a global platform for producers, IP owners and industrial chain participants to exchange resources and promote collaboration.

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